warranty info:-

The Warranty Period for 12 month from the date of purchase of this product mentioned on Originalpurchase invoice, provided always that this warranty card is duly filled and bears the rubber stamp, date andsignature of our Authorized dealer.warranty shall not beconsidered valid if the required documents are not presented or if information contained is incompleteor the warranty card is found tampered. (12 month mother board warranty 12 month service warranty)

This warranty shall not apply under following circumstances:-

(a) installation / Repair is carried out by any unauthorized oraganization /
which are other than those sepecified by the company

(b) Any damages resulting from un-authorized adaptations or adjustment
to the product.

(c)Any damage tothe product including but not limited to damage by
animals (e.g Rat,lizard, insect, ants,etc.),

(d) input voltage beyond specification, fire, lightening, water ingrees, dust
riots, acts of God(like flood, earthquake,cyclone, stom, etc.)

(e) Damage or loss arising out of mishandling or incurred during transit

(f) Any from of damage caused by using external Stabilizer.

(g) For complete Warranty terms and condition,

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